Edox Les Bemonts Watch

Edox Les Bemonts Watch

Price Range: EGP 10K - 25K

Product Code: 10239357RAIR

Product Details

Designer: Felopateer Palace

Gender: Men

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Product Description

Edox Les Bemonts Box Chronograph Edox 102 Based on Ronda 50

About Felopateer Palace

The legacy of Felopateer Palace (FP) spans to several generations and continents; having a story of innovation, artistic excellence, entrepreneurship, and dedication to the growth of the watches and jewelry industry. FP is a family owned company with a vast portfolio of Swiss watch brands. Due to the strategy and vision of the founder, Dr. Ehab Shenouda, FP has experienced a steady expansion since its initiation in the 1900’s.

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