About us


Whenever we make a great find, sparks fly.
We spark an emotion;
something sparks our interest.
This is what happens at 1Trove.

Jewelry is one of those things that we search for intently, we trove relentlessly.
It is not like any other merchandise. It is the most personal of all belongings.
We can search again and again until we find the piece that, in our eyes, is the piece that fits.

Each piece tells a story; each piece has a different sparkle; and most importantly each piece is a reflection of ourselves.

1Trove handpicks the finest pieces to make our stories more magical.

About us

1Trove is the first online platform exclusive for Jewelry in Egypt.

It brings together under one roof carefully curated collections of the most prominent Fine
Jewelers, creating an unmatched online search experience for Jewelry.

Jewelry lovers can now revel in a journey through 1Trove, combing through unique designs,
creating their own folder of favorites, and sharing it with their friends.

1Trove connects Jewelry lovers to Jewelry designers in one space, giving access to
myriad designs, in vogue styles and interesting inspirations.

We believe in unearthing treasures and making them accessible.

How it Works?